Sunday Service: 11:00 am

This gathering of Grace Bible Church is when we assemble corporately, as one body, to worship God the Father by the power of His Spirit in joyful submission to Christ our Head. Therefore, the Living Word of God is central to all that we do. As one body, we aim to read the Word publicly, confess our sin in response to the Word, pray the Word, sing the Word, preach the Word, and fellowship around the Word.

Bible Study: 9:30 am

Children’s Bible Study:

Two classes are offered for children from age 3 to 5th grade. One class serves children who can already read (1st – 5th), while the other class serves the pre-school (ages 3-6). A Gospel-focused curriculum aims to point children to Jesus Christ as the center of the Scriptures and their only hope for salvation.

Both classes meet upstairs in the main building.

Adult Bible Study:

We encourage members to attend the adult Sunday school with their families, including children from 6th grade up. While we do provide Sunday school classes for children through 5th grade, we fully affirm the right and joyful privilege of parents who would prefer to have their young children attend the adult class with them.

Men who are willing and able to teach provide leadership during our biblical lessons that aim to make us a gospel-shaped church. This means discussion will seek to stimulate our hearts and minds to focus on the Gospel and what it means for us to live lives worthy of our calling.

Sunday Prayer: 9:00 am

We meet upstairs in the main building each Sunday to make much of Christ by making much of prayer. Please join us as we confidently approach His throne of grace, with thanksgiving, confession, and supplication on behalf of those within our congregation, community, and the world.

What can you expect when you come to worship with us?

Music & dress often mean a lot to us as people. Hopefully you can expect to meet people like yourself, who live life in and around Union County through joys and trials, and are just glad to gather on Sundays together. We worship in song using hymns, contemporary spiritual songs, and Psalms set to music. Our main concern is that the content is biblical, and the melody is “singable.” We don’t expect people to dress up. However, we desire to glorify God even in what we wear, rather than to impress one another, which means dressing with modesty and humility.

Body Life

We want to pursue a culture of evangelism and discipleship each day, not only on Sundays. Members meet together to fellowship in their homes, or to serve others in the community. Being present and getting to know one another is the best way to keep up with these organic adventures.